About Intilaaqah Saudi Arabia

Shell Intilaaqah Saudi Arabia is based on the Shell LiveWIRE Programme, an international initiative developed by Shell and run globally in more than 26 countries. LiveWIRE is currently available in more than12 languages and is accessed through training workshops, internet, other IT based products, and through published distance-learning products.


To be recognized as the leading non profit Small Medium Enterprise (SME) training program in KSA that focuses on the youth.


To provide training & consulting program for business entrepreneur in KSA to enable them to manage and start up their own projects successfully.

Intilaaqah Saudi Arabia is targeting young Saudi Nationals between the ages of 18 and 35.  It aims to:

  • Provide young Saudis with the tools to develop their business ideas by offering personal counseling and training.
  • Raise awareness amongst a broad section of Saudi youth, and encourage them to consider starting up their own business.
  • Provide assistance to those who are interested in the option of starting up a business by giving them the necessary training, mentorship, and counseling.
  • Give recognition to those who have started up a business by means of awards, competition programmes, and incentive schemes.
  • Demonstrate Shell commitment to contribute to the sustainable development of the community in which we live and operate.

In association with our partners Intilaaqah provides free of charge Workshops and Training Sessions that includes the following: 

  • One Day Session. “Bright Ideas”.
  • 2 Weeks Training Sessions.
  • 5 Weeks Training Sessions.
  • One Week Session “How to deal with the potential entrepreneurs”.
  • Business Plan Award.
  • Business Consulting